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ACO Pro Series-Direct Flight- Set of 4 Bags

ACO Pro Series-Direct Flight- Set of 4 Bags

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Great for all hole play.   Bag is more for your skilled players as it plays fast in low humidity or indoor conidtions.


The Newest bag in the TBC Bag Series & The PERFECT Bag for ALL around Play!

Our Direct Flight Cornhole Bags provide some of the most popular bag characteristics among professional cornhole players. While all our Series has the most popular speed rating among professional cornhole players, the Direct Flight is slightly faster on both sides as compared to our X Factor which helps to play in humid conditions.  Don't show up to your next tournament without this bag in your arsenal, you wont regret it!!

Speed Ratings

Side 1--5 speed

Side 2--8 speed

Bag Speed Scale    1=slow     10=fast

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